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    Free Smart SoftPLC

    Is your machine/process still using 10-30 year old A-B PLC-based controls? If so, we have exactly what you need!

    We can provide support software for the existing system, and the easiest and lowest cost migration path toward a modern solution. Even better, here's an extra incentive to migrate your old Allen-Bradley PLC to a SoftPLC-based solution:

    • Purchase any A-B PLC version of our TOPDOC software
    • We'll give you a Smart SoftPLC equipped with an A-B Remote I/O interface, along with a free license for TOPDOC NexGen.

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Product Line Overview

We offer a complete line of feature-rich, value priced products for industrial control and communications applications:

Our products are open architecture, compliant with many industry standards and can easily be interfaced to other vendors' equipment. In addition, we offer very attractive conversion and upgrade opportunities from older automation systems to state-of-the-art technology.

Our "Smart" product line offers a single hardware platform that combines many functions which typically require multiple components, thus reducing costs, engineering time and panel size.