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SoftPLCs can be used for applications small to large - simple machine control, RTUs, line controls, through plant-wide DCS systems.

All SoftPLC controllers have the same rich core set of features and functions.

Video: SoftPLC PAC Overview

Universal Features

Functions common to all SoftPLC models:
  • Deterministic, fast program execution

  • "Unlimited" user memory (logic, data)

  • Logic & addressing similar to A-B PLCs

  • All program docs stored in the CPU

  • I/O drivers for many vendors

  • Large HMI/SCADA compatibility

  • Simultaneously use of many protocols

  • Data logging / Recipes

  • Embedded web server

  • Email messaging

  • C++ Toolkit for functions and drivers

Video-SoftPLC PAC’s Overview-6 min

Find more details in this pdf: SoftPLC Specifications.

All SoftPLCs are programmed and configured with TOPDOC NexGen software.


Smart Controllers

The Smart SoftPLC CPU is Awesome

The Smart SoftPLC is a flexible and powerful controller:
  • 512MB RAM and 8GB flash

  • (5) GB Ethernet ports via built in switch

  • (2) USB ports

  • (1) RS-485 fixed port

  • optional local I/O bus to Tealware I/O

  • up to (3) configurable ports for A-B RIO, DH+, or RS-485

  • optional WiFi

NeoPAC Controllers


A SoftPLC NeoPAC is physically small, yet functionally huge.

NeoPAC is perfect for a wide range of applications!
A NeoPAC includes:
  • 512MB RAM and 8GB flash

  • (1) GB Ethernet port and (2) USB ports

  • WiFi option

  • up to (2) configurable ports for A-B RIO, DH+, or RS-485

MLX Micros

MLX SoftPLC is a great alternative to A-B MicroLogix

The MLX family of SoftPLCs address low I/O count applications. The MLX SoftPLCs combine a CPU with an I/O block.

The MLX SoftPLC is a great alternative to A-B MicroLogix. It is similar in size and I/O mix, plus you can re-use existing logic, HMI’s and other networked devices.


Hardbook SoftPLC Model HBM0QAx

The Hardbook SoftPLC is a family of open architecture controller CPUs that can connect to a wide variety of I/O and communication networks. Each model has unique hardware characteristics, but all include:

  • Multiple Ethernet, Serial and USB ports

  • 2GB RAM minimum

  • 16GB Flash minimum

  • Expansion slot(s) for add-in cards (eg: I/O, network interfaces)

Programming Software

TOPDOC NexGen Editor for SoftPLC
TOPDOC NexGen Editor for SoftPLC

TOPDOC® NexGen is the programming and configuration software for all SoftPLCs. Its sleek user interface means both infrequent and "power" users can easily access the features and functions they need.

  • Ladder logic programming & documentation (offline & online)

  • Online SoftPLC monitoring & troubleshooting

  • SoftPLC and I/O Driver Configuration

  • Logic and data table reports


Tealware I/O

Smart Backplane3 CPU with Tealware modules
Smart Backplane3 CPU with Tealware Modules

Tealware™ is a high density modular I/O system, suitable for applications requiring as few as 16 digital and/or 4 analog points up through thousands of I/O points.

With a Smart SoftPLC, local I/O buses are available for as few as 3 I/O modules and all the way up to up 12 racks each containing up to 8 modules.

Tealware can also be used as Ethernet I/O with any SoftPLC CPU or 3rd party system that can drive ModbusTCP I/O.

Other I/O

SoftPLC Corp. offers and supports these I/O products, in addition to Tealware:

The MLX series is a compact block of Ethernet I/O with a mix of digital/analog points.

SoftPLC MLX model 325 I/O module block

The A-Series includes modules with many digital/analog signal options for use on Ethernet or serial networks.

SoftPLC A-Series I/O Module

Plus, with SoftPLC’s included drivers and communication ports, you can use I/O products from many vendors with any SoftPLC CPU.

A-B PLC-2, PLC-3, & PLC-5 Support

A-B PLC Upgrades

Video: AB PLC Upgrades to SoftPLC
Video: AB PLC Upgrades to SoftPLC (5 min)

Continuing to use obsolete PLC systems is risky, and not only due to abysmal spare parts availability. Time and money can be lost due to PLC limits and other factors such as programming software not being compatible with new PC’s.

We provide fantastic, limited downtime, inexpensive upgrade paths for A-B PLC’s - superior to those from Rockwell Automation!

A-B PLC-2, PLC-3, & PLC-5 Programming Software

A-B PLC-2, PLC-3, PLC-5 programming software is still available from SoftPLC Corp.
A-B PLC-2, PLC-3, PLC-5 programming software is still available from SoftPLC Corp.

Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation) has obsoleted their programming software for the PLC-2, PLC-3, and PLC-5, hoping to "motivate" you to purchase new hardware, even for systems that are still meeting your needs.

Since 1984 we continue to provide software for A-B PLC’s, called TOPDOC®, and it runs on modern PC’s!

Also see our excellent upgrade options from older A-B PLC’s to a state-of-the-art SoftPLC CPU, using your existing A-B I/O and networks.

Discounted SoftPLC Offer

HMI Upgrades

HMI Upgrades using SoftPLC Gateways
Upgrade HMI’s on A-B DH+/RIO using SoftPLC Gateways

We have solutions to help you replace an HMI on A-B RIO (Remote I/O) or DH+ (Data Highway Plus). With our Gateway products and HMI application conversion utilities, you can do either/or both:

  • Use any brand HMI on A-B RIO or DH+ networks without changing the PLC or logic

  • Convert PanelView (PanelBuilder/FactoryTalk) or PanelMate applications to run in a SoftPLC Web Studio HMI


A-B Migrations

SoftPLC RIO/DH+ Gateways help you replace equipment in phases (eg: drives, HMI’s, scales, robots) in outdated Allen-Bradley PLC-based control systems - eliminating the need to obtain funding or scheduling a lengthy downtime for a complete rip/replace project.

Our migration solutions are suitable whether you want to continue to use Rockwell Automation products, move to another vendor’s products, or a combination.

Watch SoftPLC Migrations Video on YouTube
Video: Control System Migrations w/ SoftPLC Gateways (16min)
RIO/DH+ Gateways Comparison
PDF: Comparison of RIO/DH+ Gateways


SoftPLC Gateways are the most flexible and powerful protocol converters on the market, also providing comprehensive industrial data management:

SoftPLC Gateways do moreprovide more than simple protocol conversion
SoftPLC Gateways do more
  • Simultaneously bridge between up to 16 protocols (serial, Ethernet, industrial networks)

  • Unique, low cost, powerful A-B RIO/DH+ Gateways

  • Virtually no data register limits

  • Data logging (local/remote, multiple formats)

  • Email/Text Messaging (alarm notification, reporting)

  • User Logic for Data/Math functions

  • Functions for network troubleshooting

  • Web Server (browser-based operator interface)

  • SSH/SFTP/Firewall services

TagWell for IIoT

SoftPLC’s TagWell - a platform for IIoT
SoftPLC’s TagWell provides IIoT remote system management solutions

TagWell™ provides solutions for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) - it is a powerful, configurable platform for comprehensive, scalable remote system management.

TagWell uses Internet cloud technologies and low-cost M2M cellular communications. Combined with our SoftPLC controllers and Gateways, TagWell makes it easy to monitor, control, acquire data from, and troubleshoot remote systems.


SCADA Software

Array of SoftPLC Web Studio SCADA sample screens
SoftPLC Web Studio SCADA array of screens

SoftPLC Web Studio is supervisory control and data acquisition software (SCADA) that includes the building blocks for even the largest systems, yet is priced to be practical for even smaller operator interface (HMI) applications. It features graphical operator interface, alarms, trends, logic, recipes, reports, database interface, and more.

The same development software can be used to create applications for any of our HMI’s or to run on your own Windows computers, from mobile devices up through redundant Windows Server systems.


SoftPLC Web Studio HMI
SoftPLC Web Studio HMI

SoftPLC’s HMI’s are touchscreen Panel PCs that embed our Web Studio software, available in 7-21 inch screen sizes.

We also offer “headless” HMI’s for applications where the monitor needs to be mounted separately or is not needed.

Many of our HMI’s are "drop-in" replacements for obsolete A-B PanelView’s. Application conversion utilities make it easy to replace old HMI’s.


SoftPLC products are used by thousands of companies in a wide variety of industries and applications throughout the world. Here are a few examples:


SoftPLC Corporation’s products are proven solutions for a diverse set of industries and applications:

  • Energy

  • Transportation

  • Food & Beverage

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Materials/Handling

  • Water/Wastewater

  • Wood

  • Petrochem/Oil & Gas

  • Textiles

  • Bldg Automation/Security

  • and many others

SoftPLC’s approach to open architecture control has been proven in harsh conditions and challenging applications including those requiring speed, extensive communications, and 24/7/365 reliability.


SoftPLC Corporation’s many thousands of customers include End Users, OEM’s and System Integrators throughout the world.

Small, medium, and large companies benefit from our innovative technology, reliable products, and legendary service.

Customer Quotes

“I can’t remember a time in the last 25 years that a vendor went to the lengths that SoftPLC Corp. does to ensure our projects are a success.”

"For over 18 years we’ve had zero issues with our SoftPLC’s and Tealware I/O, and the units are mounted in trailers that travel the highways on a daily basis."

"There is not an automation company as responsive as SoftPLC. Engineering support and design is top notch. SoftPLC will have the job done before you will get past the 1st level of tech support with any other automation vendor."

Case Studies



SoftPLC/TOPDOC Documents

SoftPLC/TOPDOC Documents - page 2

SoftPLC/TOPDOC Documents - page 3

I/O Documents

SCADA/HMI Documents

TagWell Documents


SoftPLC Media

Learn More: SoftPLC Media Resources
  • A-B Migrations (~13 min Podcast) Listen

TOPDOC NexGen Media

Learn More: TOPDOC NexGen Media Resources
  • TOPDOC NexGen Installation Guide (v5). Strongly recommend downloading this Guide if you download the TOPDOC NexGen software.

    Note: Windows no longer supports zip files with a password, you will need to use a 3rd party unzip program such as 7zip.

TOPDOC for A-B Media

Learn More: TOPDOC for A-B PLCs
  • TOPDOC PLC-3 Download. Requires parallel port dongle or authorized keycode from SoftPLC.

  • TOPDOC PLC-5 Download. Requires parallel port dongle or authorized keycode from SoftPLC.

  • TOPDOC PLC-2 Demo Download, allows offline development and documentation of up to 16 rungs of logic.


Click below for a full product download. It includes software, user manual/tutorial, and demo application. This unlicensed download is an evaluation version providing 40 hours of development. Demo applications can run for 1 hour each session.

TagWell Media

Learn More: TagWell Media Resources


Support Policies

Technical Support

Support for licensed software products is available by phone/email during our normal hours. TOPDOC and SoftPLC products include 1 year of Support and Maintenance from date of initial shipment. Support Extensions can be purchased after the warranty period expires.

Updates & Upgrades

The first digit in the software release number is the Version. The number(s) after the decimal point are the Revision.

Revision Updates can be downloaded by customers whose software is at the current Version, and are eligible for Support. Version Upgrades can be purchased or may be available for customers with Premium Support.

For unlock passwords and compatibility information, contact support.


We provide flexible training options to best meet customer needs. Training sessions can range from multi-day hands-on sessions to a few hours of web-based discussion.

Training can include multiple products, or be designed to address specific customer needs such as (a) specific software/hardware used, (b) student experience levels or (c) other factors.

Contact sales to discuss options, costs, and scheduling.

Hardware Repairs

All hardware products include a warranty period of 1 year or longer. During the warranty period, defective products are repaired/exchanged at no charge.

Out-of-warranty products can often be repaired or traded-up to more modern equivalents. See Terms & Conditions of Sale for details.

Contact support for Return Authorizations and to discuss your problem.



updates are for customers at the current Version and in Support.


upgrades require Premium Support and/or purchase.

For unlock passwords, update procedures or compatibility info, Contact support.

Products and Versions
Product Current Version

SoftPLC Runtime


SoftPLC Toolkit


TOPDOC NexGen Installation Guide


Aveva Edge


SoftPLC Web Studio


Note: Windows no longer supports zip files with a password, you will need to use a 3rd party unzip program such as 7zip.

Security Bulletin Vulnerabilities were found in Web Studio v8.0 SP2.1 and prior. See Security Bulletin to determine if your systems are at risk. Contact us if you need to upgrade.

Updates (pg 2)

These products are at their final version. For download info Contact support.
Product Final Version











SoftPLC Corporation is an industrial automation products provider. We manufacture PAC/PLC systems, protocol converters, HMI/SCADA and related equipment.

SoftPLC Corp. 40 years in Business

Our extensive experience in developing open architecture, productivity enhancing products leads to our reputation of being among the most innovative and highest quality software developers in the industrial sector. Many "industry firsts" have been incorporated into our products over the past 40 years.

SoftPLC Corporation, founded in 1983, is a privately held, woman owned Texas corporation based near Austin, Texas.

Mission Statement

We shall continuously strive to exceed customer expectations by providing innovative technology, reliable products, and legendary service.



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SoftPLC + Integrators solve customer needs

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