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This document describes the installation, usage, and functionality of the RIOSLAVE TLM, which is a TOPDOC Loadable Module (TLM) that enables a SoftPLC to emulate remote racks on an Allen-Bradly Remote I/O network. The RIOSLAVE TLM implements the Allen-Bradley Remote I/O slave (adapter) protocol (RIO).

This functionality is only available on Smart SoftPLC's equipped with the Smart A-B RIO Adapter Interface (Cat. No. SM-ABRIOAx). The SM-ABRIOA is a factory installed option.


The SoftPLC runtime engine software supports TLM's, which are shared library extensions to SoftPLC. A TLM may be loaded either as a DRIVER or as a MODULE. The difference between a DRIVER and a MODULE is that a DRIVER is called once per SoftPLC scan, and optionally an additional number of times per scan. A MODULE is only called when the control program decides to call it and not as an inherent part of the scan. TLM's are made known to SoftPLC in the MODULES.LST file which may be edited by TOPDOC NexGen by traversing to: PLC | Modules.

This RIOSLAVE TLM is a DRIVER and has no TOPDOC Loadable Instructions.


  • Supports racks numbered from 0 to 076 (octal).
  • Can emulate up to 63 racks concurrently, per port.
  • Supports a 120 ohm termination resistor, software selectable.
  • Supports baud rates of 57600 (56.7Kbaud), 115200 (115.2Kbaud), and 230400 (230.4Kbaud).
  • Block transfer is supported.

Required Hardware/Software


  • Smart SoftPLC or Smart Gateway
  • SM-ABRIOA5 and/or SM-ABRIOA6 Smart A-B RIO Slave Interface hardware (one per network).
  • SM-COM6CBLTB - Smart COM6 Port Cable to Din-Rail Terminal Block Assembly (required for SM-ABRIOA6) Includes RJ11 interconnect cable and din-rail terminal block.
  • Belden #9463 Blue Hose connection cable(s) [customer supplied]
Only version 2.0 (or later) Smart boards can support more than one A-B RIO interface.


  • Gatecraft Linux 2011A or above
  • SoftPLC version 4.6 runtime or above
  • TOPDOC NexGen 1.6 or above