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Support Extension Contracts

SoftPLC Corporation licensed software products are under update and telephone/email support services for 1 year from date of initial shipment invoice. Support for Programmer's Toolkits is available on an hourly basis.

Support extension contracts are available through customer service or our Web Store.

Updates & Upgrades

The first digit in the software release number is the Version. The number(s) after the decimal point are the Revision.

Customers whose software is at the current Version, and in the initial warranty period or covered under a support extension contract, can download Revision Updates from our Resource Center. For unlock passwords and revision compatibility information, contact technical support.

Version Upgrades are available at reduced prices for customers in Warranty or covered under Support Extension Contracts. Version upgrade costs, procedures and compatibility with older releases vary. Contact us for technical and pricing details.

Security Bulletins / Notices

Vulnerabilities were found in Web Studio version 8.0 Service Pack 2 Patch 1 and prior. It is recommended that customers review this bulletin to determine if their systems are at risk, and upgrade as soon as possible.

Current Versions

Product Current Version
SoftPLC Controllers/Gateways 5.1
TOPDOC NexGen 5.1.230906
SoftPLC Web Studio 20.0 - Final Release
Edge SCADA/HMI 20.0R2
TOPDOC for SoftPLC ver 2 4.5
All Others Contact SoftPLC.