A-B PLC Program/Documentation Conversion Service: TDxZ-TR


Price: $350.00

A-B PLC Family Conversion


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A-B PLC Program/Documentation Service Overview

Using an automated utility, SoftPLC Corp. engineers can convert ladder logic and documentation files exported from your Allen-Bradley PLC programming software to SoftPLC compatible format. Most programs convert 95% or better.

An application engineer will contact you to discuss the required files our conversion utility needs for your specific PLC and programming software.

This service is for a "raw" conversion, which means that the file formats will be converted so that they load into TOPDOC NexGen without errors. However, our engineers do not have detailed information about the machine or process, and there may be slight differences in the SoftPLC versus the old A-B PLC (eg: scan times, communication rates, etc.). Someone familiar with the equipment and its operation must review the system and do a start-up test as part of the conversion process.

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