TOPDOC for PLC-2 Offline/Online: TD2-FN


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TOPDOC PLC-2 Overview

TOPDOC PLC-2 lets you maintain your existing Allen-Bradley PLC-2 systems. TOPDOC PLC-2 is a DOS program that will run on Windows95/98 when installed from CD/diskette, or can be run on any PC with a serial/USB port when used from our bootable USB flash drive version. Included with the product is our custom TD2-CAM attached mode cable and compatible serial to USB cable (Cat No TD2-CAMUSB) that allows you to connect from a PC serial/USB port to the PLC-2 front port - no special interface card is needed in the PC.

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Package includes: TOPDOC PLC-2 Software on selected media, TD2-UCAM Attached Mode Cable (USB 2.0 port to PLC-2 programming port).

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