SoftPLC USB to Serial Support Kit: SPO-USBSERKIT


Price: $150.00


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For SoftPLC controllers or gateways (eg: Smart or NeoPACs) that do not have an RS-232 port, this kit can be used to add RS-232 support via a USB port. It provides the necessary firmware and a USB to RS-232 serial adapter cable. The cable incorporates a ruggedized, overmolded enclosure, improving reliability and durability in industrial applications. It features programmable baud rate and data formats with 128-byte transmit and 384-byte receive buffers, and is compatible with all standard PC baud rates, supporting high-speed communication to 921.6K bps. The cable is powered by the USB port and status LEDs molded into the enclosure indicate serial data activity and connection to the host. The cable is approximately 56 inches long and is fully shielded to protect from RF and EMI interference that is common in industrial environments.

NOTE: Not all USB to serial converters are compatible with SoftPLC controllers/gateways. We can only provide support if you use this recommended converter kit, Cat No SPO-USBSERKIT.

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