A-B RIO/DH+ Interface Card, PCI Bus: SPO-PKTX


Price: $1250.00

# of A-B RIO/DH+ Channels


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SPO-PKTx Overview

A Hardbook SoftPLC or Gateway with available PCI slots (Models HB1/2/4) can utilize up to (8) of the SPO-PKTx interface cards to communicate to either Allen-Bradley remote I/O or Data Highway Plus. Any mix of up to (8) interface cards can be used together (limited by the number of available PCI slots in the SoftPLC).

Use these cards with a Hardbook SoftPLC for protocol gateway applications, to connect a SoftPLC Controller to Allen-Bradley networks for control of RIO or peer-to-peer communications, or to use A-B RIO with a SoftPLC when doing an A-B PLC Migration/Upgrade.

These cards have been gently used, and have a 1 year warranty.

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