Bus Interface Card for SoftPLC Hardbooks, PCI: SPO-PCIX


Price: $995.00

Field Bus Network


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SPO-PCIx Overview

A Hardbook SoftPLC or Gateway with available PCI slots (Models HB1/2/4) can utilize up to (8) of the SPO-PCIx interface cards to communicate to devices on a variety of field bus networks. Any mix of up to (8) interface cards can be used together (limited by the number of available PCI slots in the SoftPLC).

Ordering Information

Includes PCI card, appropriate bus firmware and Windows-based network configuration software (the same software is used for all available network protocols).

For each SPO-PCIx, specify the field bus network and whether master or slave functionality is desired. SoftPLC Corporation will configure the interface card(s), install them in your SoftPLC, load the appropriate driver(s) and test the assembly prior to shipment.

Available Protocols
  • CANopen - Master & Slave
  • DeviceNet - Master & Slave
  • Profibus - Master & Slave
  • ProfiNet - Master & Slave
  • Sercos - Master & Slave
  • EtherCAT - Master & Slave
  • EthernetIP - Master & Slave
  • Powerlink - Master & Slave
  • ASI - Master
  • CC-Link - Slave
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