Low-Loss Antenna Extension Cable, 100 feet: ICOMDM-AECBL100


Price: $144.00



This ultra low-loss antenna extension cable can be used to remotely mount the Outdoor Panel Antenna Model ICOMDM-OPA from a SoftPLC using the Model ICOMDM-GSMU external USB GSMU cellular modem and Antenna Adapter Cable Model ICOMDM-AACBL.

This 9913-equivalent cable is thicker than common coax cable. The picture above compares the thickness of this cable to a quarter and a 20oz soda bottle.

Signal Loss:
  • 800MHz Attenuates signal approximately 3.7 dbm
  • 1900MHz Attenuates signal approximately 5.8 dbm
  • Approximately .5dbm is lost at each connection between 2 cables. To prevent excessive signal loss, this extender cable should NOT be daisy chained.

Package Contents

Includes 100' ultra low loss cable and N Female - FME Female connector to connect a Yagi antenna to a modem adapter cable.

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