Mini Hardbook SoftPLC DIN-rail, CL1 Div2 rated: HB-M0LEH


Price: $1695.00

Size (I/O & MBTCP Server & EIP Capacity)


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Mini Hardbook Models HB-M0LEH-x Overview

Hardbook SoftPLC's are versatile Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs). All features of the SoftPLC Runtime Control Software are included. Users have virtually unlimited capacity for program logic and data table, data logging, recipes, etc. Plenty of communication ports with configurable drivers, I/O interface options make Hardbook SoftPLC's perfect for both control and protocol converter gateway applications. All HB-M0LEH Hardbook SoftPLC's have:

    Class 1 Div 2 Approved
  • (2) Ethernet ports
  • (4) serial ports and (2) USB ports
  • 256MB RAM and 128MB flash (expandable to 8GB) user memory
  • Selectable I/O interfaces to a wide variety of I/O products via Ethernet and/or serial ports
  • DIN-rail/Panel mounting, with all communication port connectors in the front for easy installation/maintenance
A-B Equivalent

There are (4) SoftPLC firmware runtime sizes, which determine the allowed maximum number of digital I/O points and ModbusTCP servers (analog I/O is limited only by hardware, not firmware). The table below summarizes these choices.

Runtime License Sizes
Cat No Suffix ModbusTCP Servers Discrete Inputs Discrete Outputs
LT 2 128 128
1K 16 1024 1024
2K 32 2048 2048
8K 128 8192 8192

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