SoftPLC Programmable Automation Controller CPUs (PAC's) can be used for a wide range of machine and process control applications; Communication Gateway and Protocol Conversion applications; and remote data management (monitoring, control, alarming, logging) applications, with TagWell.

Featured Products in this Category:


Smart SoftPLCs

The Smart family of PACs is suitable for small machine controls through complete distributed process control systems, and for simple to complex communication gateway applications. With an industry unmatched 10 communication ports, unlimited user memory, support for a wide variety of I/O configurations and communication protocols, these CPUs offer tremendous value.

Micro SoftPLCs

Physically small, but functionally huge, Micro SoftPLC PAC's (Programmable Automation Controllers) provide a low cost control platform for applications ranging from machine control to RTUs, to protocol conversion gateways.


SoftPLC Hardbooks are open architecture PACs and communication Gateways with multiple communication ports, PCI expansion slots, high-speed CPU's and lots of memory for even the largest and most complex applications. Also available are models rated for Class 1/Div2 and other challenging environments.

Software / Firmware

These products can be used with any SoftPLC PAC/Gateway. Included are development software (TOPDOC NexGen), Programmer's Toolkits, software support and updates, and firmware options to expand the base set of capabilities such as web server, firewall, hot standby, email/text messaging, and more.

Hardware Accessories

Hardware products that are compatible with multiple SoftPLC PAC/Gateway models. Included are products that add functionality, such as Hot Standby/Redundancy module, field bus network interfaces, modems, drives, memory, UPS, power supplies, and more.