A-B Upgrades/Software : HMI/Drive Upgrades

RIO/DH+ Migrations

Replace your PanelView and/or Drives

SoftPLC provides great options to help you upgrade devices on Allen-Bradley Remote I/O (RIO) or Data Highway Plus (DH+) networks. With our Gateway products and migration solutions, you can easily and affordably:

  • Use any HMI on your A-B RIO or DH+ networks
  • *Convert your PanelBuilder or FactoryTalk application to run it in a SoftPLC Web Studio HMI
  • Replace drives, robots, scales, or other equipment on your A-B RIO or DH+ networks without the need to change the PLC or PLC logic

* The utility also supports converting Eaton PanelMate HMI applications to SoftPLC Web Studio.

PanelBuilder, PanelView and FactoryTalk are trademarks of Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley.
PanelMate is a registered trademark of Eaton Corporation.

    Connect any HMI/Drive to an A-B RIO or DH+ Network

    If you have an HMI, Drive or other equipment that communicates to an A-B PLC on "Blue Hose", whether it is A-B Remote I/O or a Data Highway Plus network, you can replace it with a new HMI/Drive of your choice, without changing the A-B PLC logic or network cabling!

    Using a Smart SoftPLC or NeoPAC SoftPLC Gateway equipped with a RIO Adapter (Slave) or a Data Highway Plus interface, you can achieve a virtually seamless upgrade. The SoftPLC Gateway appears to the A-B PLC to be the original HMI/Drive, and can be connected to your new HMI/Drive via Ethernet, serial, other industrial networks or even by analog I/O. The SoftPLC Gateway can be mapped to appear to the HMI as an A-B PLC or a Modbus/ModbusTCP or Ethernet/IP device. SoftPLC Gateways can also be configured to support many other protocols.

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    Migrate from PanelView/FactoryTalk/PanelMate to Web Studio

    Panelview RIO Migration

    A-B Crossover EquivalentThe original PanelView products were proprietary, closed HMI platforms. Today's PC-Based HMI's (such as our SoftPLC Web Studio SSH family of operator interfaces) provide lower cost solutions with many more features, and easy future migration paths as hardware advances are made. Many SSH-x HMI's are "drop-in" replacements for Allen-Bradley PanelView's, having the same cut-out size. Our A-B Crossover page includes a chart with hardware size equivalents.

    Most often, the larger cost of an HMI application is the engineering investment in the development of the application. PanelView, FactoryTalk and PanelMate users who want to take advantage of Web Studio's comprehensive feature set and lower costs can use our automated add-on tools to import PanelBuilder, FactoryTalk, or PanelMate applications into SoftPLC Web Studio. It’s possible to save considerable time in conversion from a previously designed application to a SoftPLC Web Studio application with the Import Utilities for PanelBuilder32, FactoryTalk, and PanelMate.

    HMI Conversion

    Items converted include:

    • Tags Database (Name, Type and Description)
    • Screens (frames, objects, shapes, properties and dynamics)
    • Alarm messages
    • Communication Interfaces

    The Import Utilities convert applications from PanelBuilder32 software*, FactoryTalk or PanelMate to Web Studio file formats. Once converted, the application can be run on any SoftPLC HMI (Cat No SSH-x), or your own Windows-based computer with a Web Studio runtime installed.

    Application Conversion Process

    You simply submit your original files to the corresponding import utility. It will convert them to the equivalent Web Studio file formats. Most conversions are at least 90% complete. Using the Web Studio development tools, you can then easily modify the un-converted items, make any changes (eg: modifying the application to support soft buttons vs the built-in PanelView hardware buttons). After converting an application, you can also enhance it by taking advantage of the many features in SoftPLC Web Studio such as Trends/Alarms, Event Logs, Recipes, Reports, Math Scripts, Web-based/Thin-Client viewers, and much more...

    *The PanelBuilder import utility is compatible with PanelBuilder 32 versions 3.8 and above. Older versions can be imported into FactoryTalk, then imported using the FactoryTalk utility.
    The PanelMate import utility is compatible with PanelMate Pro V2.20 and PanelMate Plus V4.0