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Tealware I/O

Tealware™ is a high density, modular I/O system, suitable for applications requiring as few as 16 digital and/or 4 analog points up through thousands of I/O points. The same I/O modules, racks, adapters, and other equipment can be used regardless of application size or physical configuration.

Tealware I/O can be used on Ethernet with any SoftPLC CPU, or with any other system that can drive ModbusTCP I/O.

Tealware on Smart Backplane3

With a Smart SoftPLC, high speed local I/O interfaces are available that support up to thousands of points, as well as remote Ethernet I/O for even more flexibility on I/O configurations.

  • Overview

    A complete range of I/O modules are available for the Tealware system - digital, analog, and specialty modules. Many common features of all modules make the system robust, and simplify installation and maintenance:

    • Detachable front-end terminal block for easy module replacement without re-wiring (some modules utilize a wiring cable connection, which is also easily detachable)
    • Front Panel LED display for status monitoring/troubleshooting
    • High noise immunity
    • Automatic Configuration - Module addressing based on location (not DIP switch) for easy system configuration & maintenance (manual configuration option also available)
    • Most modules are hot swappable under power
    • Low power consumption means all module configurations are possible - no power calculations required

    A wide variety of configuration options are possible including high speed local I/O and remote/distributed Ethernet I/O configurations.

  • Specifications

    Individual module specifications are available from the "Modules" tab above, or from the Tealware User Manual link in the "Downloads" tab. All Tealware components conform to the general specifications below:

    I/O Module Dimensions
    141 x 38 x 110 mm
    5.5 x 1.5 x 4.3 in (H x W x D)
    Power Supply Module Dimensions
    141 x 55 x 110 mm
    5.5 x 2.2 x 4.3 in(H x W x D)
    I/O Rack Dimensions I/O Base 06 (6 modules + P/S) 141 x 345mm (5.5 x 13.6in)
    I/O Base 08 (8 modules + P/S) 141 x 421mm (5.5 x 16.6in)
    External Connections
    20-screw Terminal Block Connector, max wire size #14 AWG
    D-sub connector to cable (Cat No HDIO-CBL)
    Operating Temperature -20 to 70°C, -4 to 158°F
    Ambient Storage Temperature -40 to 85°C, -40 to 185°F
    Recommended Airflow Clearance 50.8mm (2 inches) above and below unit for ambient airflow
    Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
    Electrical Noise Immunity 1,500 volts peak to peak, 1 µs noise width at 30 to 100Hz
    Vibration Resistance 10 to 55Hz, amplitude 0.075mm for 60 minutes
    Shock Resistance 10g 3 times 3d directions
    Dielectric Withstand Voltage 1500VAC for 1 minute across AC external terminals & ground
    Impedance 75 MOhms at 500VDC
    Electrical Safety Class 2 protection
    Operating Atmosphere Non-corrosive atmosphere, with minimum dust
    Certifications & Compliances UL and CE rated
  • Tealware I/O Module

    Available Tealware Modules

    A wide range of Tealware I/O modules is available - digital, analog, and special purpose modules. Combined with other components (eg: bases, adapters, power supplies), Tealware offers an expandable I/O system for both local and distributed control systems, big and small.

    Most modules include as standard the wiring terminal block. Some high density modules require a cable and terminal block to be ordered separately, as indicated in the tables below.

    Digital Modules

    Type Operating Voltage Number of Points Rated Current/Point Catalog Number Data Sheet Store
    Digital Modules TOP
    DC Input
    9-28 VDC 16, 8/com 3 mA@12VDC
    7 mA@24VDC
    DC Input
    9-28 VDC 32 ^, 32/com
    3 mA@12 VDC
    7 mA@24VDC
    DC Input
    5 VDC (TTL) 16, 8/com 3 mA@4 VDC
    4 mA@6 VDC
    AC Input
    85-132 VAC 16, 8/com 15 mA SXAC10
    AC Input
    24 VAC 16, 8/com 15 mA SXAC24
    DC Output
    10-35 VDC 16, 8/com
    Fused, (2) at 2A
    0.1 A SYDC10
    DC Output
    10-35 VDC 16, 8/com
    Fused, (2) at 2A
    0.1 A SYDC20
    DC Output
    10-35 VDC 32 ^, 32/com
    Fused, (4) at 2A
    0.1 A SYDC30
    DC Output
    10-35 VDC 32 ^, 32/com
    Fused, (4) at 2A
    0.1 A SYDC40
    AC Output
    Triac SSR
    85-264 VAC 16, 8/com
    Fused, (2) at 5A
    0.6 A SYAC10
    Relay Output
    Dry *
    5-125 VDC
    12-250 VAC
    16, 8/com 2 A SYRY10
    Relay Output
    Dry *
    5-125 VDC
    12-250 VAC
    16, Isolated 2 A SYRY20
    Relay Output
    Dry *
    5-125 VDC
    12-250 VAC
    8, Isolated 2 A SYRY21
    * External 24VDC Power required
    ^ Requires Cat No XDC20-TB and HDIO-CBL

    Analog/Special Modules

    Type Operating Range Channels Resolution Catalog Number Data Sheet Store
    Analog Modules TOP
    Analog Input 1-5, 0-10, ±10V
    0-20, 4-20, ±20mA
    4 AIN 15 bits AD020
    Analog Input 1-5, 0-10V 8 AIN 12 bits AD030A
    Analog Input 0-20,4-20mA 8 AIN 12 bits AD031A
    Analog Input 0-10, 1-5, ±10V 16 AIN^,
    individually isolated
    12 bits AD046
    Analog Input 0-20, 4-20, ±20mA 16 AIN^,
    indivdually isolated
    12 bits AD047
    Analog Output * 1-5, 0-10, ±10V
    0-20, 4-20, ±20mA
    4 AO 14 bits DA020
    Analog Output * 1-5, 0-10, ±10V 8 AO 14 bits DA030
    Analog Output * 0-20, 10-20mA, ±20mA 8 AO 14 bits DA031
    RTD + PT-100/1000, Ni-120 4 AIN, 4 DO 15 bits RTD10
    RTD ^ PT-100 8 AIN 15 bits RTD26
    Thermocouple + B, E, J, K, R, S, T 5 AIN, 5 DO 15 bits THM10
    Special Purpose Modules TOP
    High Speed Counter/
    5 or 24 VDC,
    Phase or Pulse
    3 AIN, 3 DO 32 bits,
    50 KHz max
    * External 24VDC Power required
    + External 24VDC Power optional
    ^ Requires Cat No AD04x-TB and HDIO-CBL


    Type Catalog Number Store
    Accessories TOP
    Dummy Module for blank I/O slots DUM10
    High Density module cable to terminal block, 3 feet HDIO-CBL
    Terminal block for 32 pt digital modules XDC20-TB
    Terminal block for high density analog input modules
  • Tealware I/O Bases, Adapters, Power Supplies

    The tables below list the components which are used with Tealware I/O modules to create complete systems.


    Type Catalog Number Data Sheet Store
    Local I/O Expansion Base for P/S and up to 6 I/O Modules IOBASE06
    Local I/O Expansion Base for P/S and up to 8 I/O Modules IOBASE08
    Local Expansion I/O cable, 2 ft EXCBL02
    Local Expansion I/O cable, 4 ft EXCBL04
    Local Expansion I/O cable, 6 ft EXCBL06
    Local Expansion I/O cable, 10 ft EXCBL10

    Power Supplies

    Type Catalog Number Data Sheet Store
    AC Power Supply, Input voltage 85 to 260VAC PWS11
    (replaced PWS10 effective 1/1/2019)
    DC Power Supply, Input voltage 12 to 24VDC PWS20C

    Ethernet Remote I/O Adapters (ModbusTCP)

    Type Catalog Number Data Sheet Store
    Smart Adapter w/ Tealware Backplane3 Interface SM2A-B
    Smart Adapter w/ Tealware LocalPorts Interface SM2A-L
    Panel Mount Bracket SM-VBKT
    Firewall/VPN Package SPZ-FW

    System Configurations

    Tealware I/O modules mount into a backplane. There are 2 options for module mounting, (an example of each shown at the top of the page):

    • Up to (3) modules can be mounted directly to a Smart SoftPLC or Smart Adapter equipped with a Backplane-3 Interface.
    • I/O Bases can hold (6) or (8) modules plus a Tealware Power Supply Module, and connect via an Expansion I/O Cable (Cat No EXCBLxx) to a Smart SoftPLC or Smart Adapter equipped with a LocalPorts Interface.

    A Smart SoftPLC provides a high speed local interface to Tealware I/O. Up to 12 I/O Bases (96 I/O modules) are supported for a maximum of 3072 local I/O points, up to 30 feet from the Smart SoftPLC. You can scan thousands of points in under 1 msec!

    Smart Adapters provide a Tealware I/O Interface to remote I/O drops over Ethernet, connected to any SoftPLC controller or other controller that supports ModbusTCP. Where more I/O is required than a local system supports, or the I/O needs to be distributed over a distance, or where the control system CPU is not a Smart SoftPLC (eg: a SoftPLC Hardbook or non-SoftPLC controller), then Tealware modules can be used with Smart Adapters on ModbusTCP Ethernet in a wide variety of configurations/media, with up to 127 remote I/O drops of up to 24 modules (up to 768 I/O points) per drop - tens of thousands of I/O in a single system.

  • Two interface options are available:

    • Backplane3 Interface - Any three (3) Tealware modules can mount directly onto a Smart SoftPLC or Smart Adapter equipped with a Backplane3 Interface.
    • LocalPorts Interface - If more than (3) modules are needed at a location, a Smart SoftPLC or Smart Adapter equipped with a LocalPorts Interface is used. The LocalPorts Interface has (4) I/O Base ports. A Smart SoftPLC can utilize all (4) ports, a Smart Adapter can utilize (1) of the ports. Up to (3) I/O Bases can be connected to each port. I/O Expansion Cables, available in 2', 4', 6' and 10' lengths, connect from the I/O Base Port to an I/O Base (as well as from I/O Base to I/O Base).
    Example Configuration