Communication : Smart Netbox

A Smart Netbox can do all this. . .

  • Managed Switch/Router
    Routes traffic between two Ethernet networks and handles switching of packets between devices on the network.
  • Remote Access Switch (Ethernet Land-line Modem)
    Easily and securely access an Ethernet network from any remote location over standard telephone lines.
  • Firewall w/ VPN
    Protects networked devices from unauthorized access, while providing secure remote and/or networked connections.

With a simple firmware change, a Smart Netbox can become a Smart SoftPLC Programmable Automation Controller and/or Protocol Gateway!

    In a networked industrial controls environment, connecting devices like controllers, HMI's, computers, drives, I/O, robots, and serial process control equipment can often become a challenge. Demand for data exchange between sensors, I/O controllers, serial devices, switches, routers, and computers is ever increasing. Compatibility, physical space, cabling and security concerns all add to the difficulties, costs and complexities of typical networking equipment solutions.

    A Smart Netbox solves these challenges by combining a number of network support functions into a single industrial low-cost, physically small package.


    • Designed for use in industrial environments
    • Compact design uses less than 2 inches of DIN-rail space
    • Flexible power requirements 9-24VDC, only 2 Watts

    Setup and configuration of the Smart Netbox is via an included utility program, accessed through an Ethernet port or the serial console.

    Smart Netbox Switch/Router Functions

    In its most basic configuration, a Smart Netbox is an industrial grade, managed Ethernet switch with both LAN and WAN interfaces to support routing functions. For simple applications, just connect power and Ethernet cables. You can power the Smart Netbox with 9 ~ 48VDC.

    Advanced functions provide enhanced performance:

    • (3) LAN and (1) WAN 10/100 Ethernet ports, RJ45
    • Fiber optic LAN port (optional)
    • 10/100 auto-detecting for speed & duplex (full or half)
    • Automatic support for straight or crossed cables
    • NAT and Port Forwarding
    • Port mirroring/monitoring/sniffing for advanced diagnostics
    • VLAN for convenient traffic segregation
    • Priority Queuing (QoS/CoS) per port for real-time operation
    • IGMP for Multicast filtering (snooping & querying)
    • Broadcast storm protection
    • Extensive MIB counter management support
    • Programmable rate-limiting per port
    • Protocols: PPP, DHCP, TFTP, HTTP, Telnet, SSH and more

    Remote Access Switch

    Adding an optional* internal industrial telephone modem (Cat No SM-MDM) to the basic Smart Netbox, creates what is known as a Remote Access Switch (RAS). This allows you to connect to devices on an Ethernet network at a remote location over standard telephone lines.

    • Combines a four-port managed switch with a 56K modem, enabling a remote connection to devices on your Ethernet network
    • Security features help prevent unauthorized access, optional firewall adds even more security
    • Provides simultaneous bi-directional communication over the modem (eg: dial-in AND dial-out)

    Save time and money by avoiding costly site visits and being able to respond to situations immediately. From your home, office or another facility, you can easily:

    • Perform diagnostics, monitor system status
    • Make program changes
    • Upload and download application programs or configuration files
    • Update firmware
    • Collect data
    • Receive alarms, email or text messages from the remote system

    Modem Features:

    • Internal PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) modem w/ RJ11 connector
    • Dial-in and Dial-out capabilities
    • PPP (Point to Point Protocol) dial-up connections
    • Phone line connection speeds up to 56K
    • Remote modem configuration
    • Compliant with telephone systems world-wide
    • Firewall option to protect control systems from unauthorized access
    • Line-in use, remote hang-up detection
    • Full data compression and error correction
    • Digital Line Guard (DLG) protection

    * Modem must be factory installed.

    Embedded Firewall

    An embedded Firewall/VPN can be added as a firmware option to any Smart product, including the Smart Netbox. This adds high-end network security, protecting Ethernet-to-Ethernet and modem-to-Ethernet connections such as industrial network to business network, or industrial networks/devices connected to remote sites via the internet. Powerful security features block dangerous and/or unwanted communications from entering your network and restricts access to only authorized users.


    • Stateful inspection firewall security
    • Multiple VPN tunnels with fast compression & encryption
    • NAT/IP Masquerading
    • SYN Denial of Service
    • PPTP
    • DHCP/BOOTP Server and BOOTP gateway/relay
    • Port Forwarding
    • Blacklisting
    • License for unlimited, simultaneous users
    • Pre-defined configuration templates reduce install time


    Processor 166 MHz ARM9 CPU, 32-bit
    User Memory 63 MB RAM
    Removable Memory 128 MB Compact Flash, expandable to 8GB
    Operating Temperature 0 to 60°C (-20~70°C extended temperature version available)
    Storage Temperature -20 to 85°C
    Humidity 0-95%, non-condensing
    Input Voltage Range 9 ~ 36 VDC
    Power Requirements 2W
    Real Time Clock Battery Free, SuperCap backup good for ~60 days
    GPS Interface Embedded NTP Server
    Serial Ports Standard Ports:
    (1) RS-232 w/ full handshake lines, DB9 connector (COM1)
    (3) RS-232, 3-wire terminal block (COM2-COM4)
    (1) RS-485 2-wire, 3-wire terminal block (COM5)
    Ethernet Ports 4-port managed Ethernet switch, 10/100BaseT RJ45 ports (w/ 2 unique host interfaces/MAC-ID's for routing functions)
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 5.75 x 6 x 1.5 in. (146.1 x 152.4 x 38.1 mm)
    Packaging Fanless/Diskless system, DIN-rail Mount, Metal enclosure
    Optional Panel Mount Bracket (SM-VBKT)
    Security Embedded Gatecraft™ Firewall/VPN option
    SSH server for encrypted data transfer

    Options & Accessories

    The base Smart Netbox is Cat No SM2N. You can add an Embedded Firewall/VPN.


    Accessories include power supplies, connectors, etc.

    Catalog Number Description Store
    SM-VBKT Smart Vertical Panel Mount Bracket
    SPO-SCKIT Smart Comm Port Connector Kit

    Power Supplies, Power Equipment
    Catalog Number Description Datasheet Store
    ICO-PSH1524 DIN-rail mount P/S, 24VDC output, 15 Watts, 85-264VAC input
    ICO-PSH3024 DIN-rail mount P/S, 24VDC output, 30 Watts, 85-264VAC input
    ICO-PSUPS40 DIN-rail mount UPS/battery controller, 24VDC output, up to 40A (requires 2 ICO-PSBP412 batteries)
    ICO-PSBP412 VRLA Battery for ICO-PSUPS40, 12V 4AH, AGM