SoftPLC Accessory Products Overview


We offer a number of accessories for our Controllers, HMI's, I/O and industrial communication products.  Each product's data sheet lists recommended accessories.  Accessories available from SoftPLC Corporation include:

  • Power Supplies & System Protection
  • Modems, Wireless interfaces
  • Drives, Memory, Cables & other miscellaneous items

We also have a Resale & Miscellany Shop, which provides surplus, gently used, and obsolete items at a discount.



DC Power Supply

Power Supplies/System Protection

We provide an array of low cost, reliable, DIN-rail power supplies for SoftPLC CPU's, Gateways, HMI's and communication products. We also provide industrial PoE (power-over-ethernet) products.

A UPS is strongly recommended for SoftPLC PAC systems not only for power protection, but also where power-loss conditions require safe shut-down. A UPS allows a SoftPLC CPU to automatically save logic modifications and start-up where it left off when power is resumed (retentive memory).

Surge suppression is strongly recommended not only on line power, but on communication ports (eg: ethernet, RS-485 serial, remote I/O, and modem ports), as well as analog signal lines.

DIN rail UPS


We provide stand-alone and embedded cellular and phone modems for use with our PAC's, Gateways, TagWell, and communication products. Whether you want to connect from a few feet away or across the world, we can help you connect remotely.

Cables & more


We provide those cables, flash drives, adapters, port converters, etc. that always come in handy!

SoftPLC Products

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