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SoftPLC Web Studio 2020

June 26, 2020

SoftPLC Web Studio 2020 will soon be available!Web Studio 2020 Image

Web Studio has been a growing and evolving SCADA/HMI software for over 20 years. The newest version, Web Studio 2020, brings you new tools and features to help you tackle challenges for today and the future. Whether you need your workforce to have access to machines in the field, want to unite your systems into a single hub of information, or are looking to standardize your process, Web Studio 2020 has everything you need to be successful.

What’s New in Web Studio 2020

  • Web Studio 2020 includes an integrated Industrial Graphics Editor that allows you to edit and/or import Industrial Graphics from other products (eg: Wonderware) and integrate them with Web Studio projects.
  • An updated development environment brings a modern and intuitive interface to Web Studio that increases productivity and adds the ability to customize themes (color and style) in the development environment.
  • Mobile Access Thin Client (HTML5) improvements include new interface support for Trend Start Date/Time and Duration, E-Sign, and others.
  • Enhancements in the MQTT driver enable InduSoft Web Studio to publish data according to the MQTT SparkplugB standards.
  • Many more enhancements have been made for quality, uptime improvement, and stability.

As always, we maintain backward compatibility to protect your investments, and application upgrades to Web Studio 2020 are seamless.  Contact us for upgrade information and/or costs.

New Video - Control System Migrations

May 27, 2020

We've added a new video to our library.  This one discusses how SoftPLC Gateways can help A-B PLC users use phased migrations to upgrade their system vs complete retrofits.  Phased migrations reduce cost, downtime, and risk among other benefits. or

Peer-to-Peer Messaging thru the Cloud

Feb. 20, 2020

Our TagWell platform has been enhanced to support some exciting new features!

Firstly, remote nodes can send data to each other via the TagWell cloud platform.  Similar to PLC Messaging, any TagWell remote node can send /receive data arrays to/from any number of other remote nodes.  These secure communications are optimized to transmit only upon data changes to minimize cellular communication costs.  Since the remotes are SoftPLC controllers or gateways, via logic data changes can be forced if the user wants the messages to be sent based on time or other specific events.

Secondly, the TagWell platform now supports data aggregation across any number of remotes into a single Tag Table in the cloud.  This makes it easier for a web interface or connected application, such as Web Studio or other software programs, to provide consolidated data for a group of and/or all of a customer's remotes.

SoftPLC NeoPAC now available!

Jan. 1, 2020

A new family of SoftPLC controllers and gateways is now available - the NeoPAC.

Packed with the features of our other SoftPLC's, the NeoPAC provides a powerful platform for:

  • Machine control - Great for OEM's!
  • Protocol Converter - serial to ethernet and/or to Allen-Bradley "blue hose" Remote I/O or Data Highway Plus
  • Cellular RTU - Combined with TagWell, you can monitor and control remotely located systems at very low cost
  • Data Logger
  • and more!

The NeoPAC is the lowest cost option for Allen-Bradley PLC migrations and RIO/DH+ gateways on the market.  It also can be used with serial/ethernet/USB I/O from hundreds of vendors.

Enhanced Ethernet/IP Driver for SoftPLC v4.6

Nov. 2, 2018

Now Available for all SoftPLC controllers version 4.6 and later is an enhanced Ethernet/IPTM driver.  SoftPLC can act as an Ethernet/IP generic device (adapter), or as a scanner (master).  A SoftPLC can also be used to simulate a Logix PLC for simulation/testing/training purposes.  Features of the Ethernet/IP driver include:

  • Five millisecond timing granularity
  • I/O scanner: up to 128 total originating i/o connections to as many target slaves as needed.
    • each i/o connection may have its own forward open timeout, RPI timeout multiplier, connection type, connection trigger type,
    • each i/o connection half may have its RPI, size, target and originating assembly, and realtime format.
  • Up to 2048 I/O connection bytes (determined by the size of the SoftPLC runtime license)
  • Up to 20 target i/o connections in the form of exclusive owner
  • Up to 3 input only i/o connections
  • Up to 2 listen only i/o connections
  • I/O connections may be unicast or multicast
  • Explicit messaging server supporting:
    • assembly class 0x04 instances
    • symbol class 0x6b instances -  This lets a SoftPLC runtime look like a Rockwell PLC/PAC to HMI's. A descriptor tag may be exported as a CIP symbol and it is tied to a unique assembly instance when exported.
  • Up to 1000 words per assembly

For more information or instructions regarding firmware updates, contact SoftPLC.

Web Studio 8.1 Release

Jan. 5, 2018

SoftPLC Web Studio version 8.1 has been released!  This version includes expanded capabilities and also addresses a critical security vulnerability.

Existing customers can upgrade at no cost if the license was purchased on or after July 1, 2017 or if you have a current Maintenance Agreement.  Reduced price upgrades are available to customers that purchased the license between Jan 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017.  Free or reduced cost upgrades must be requested by March 8, 2018.  If you don't qualify for the free/reduced upgrade, you can purchase the upgrade at 60% of license cost through March 8, 2018.  Contact, referencing your Registration Number(s), for more details and upgrade costs (if any).

Some new features in version 8.1:

  • Support for all native objects in HTML5 (SMA Clients and IoTVIEW)
  • OPC UA Server
  • Streamlined Licensing - no restrictions on number of concurrent drivers or thin clients.  Thin clients are now purchased per client, regardless of type needed.
  • Improved Security
  • Seamless Upgrade

Security Bulletin!!!  Vulnerabilities were found in Web Studio version 8.0 Service Pack 2 Patch 1 and prior.  It is recommended that customers review the bulletin to determine if their systems are at risk, and upgrade as soon as possible.

TOPDOC NexGen Update - Required for new SoftPLC's

July 11, 2016

Due to a conflict with Ethernet/IP communications, we have changed the "Detect on Net" function to use a different Ethernet port.

TOPDOC NexGen version 1.6.160608 or later is required to successfully use the "Detect on Net" function with both older SoftPLC's and with SoftPLC's version 4.6.160608 and later.

Contact for details on updating your TOPDOC NexGen.

Modbus ASCII added to SoftPLC Master & Slave Drivers

July 5, 2016

We've enhanced our Modbus Serial Master (MODBMAST.TLM) and Modbus Serial Slave (MODBSLAV.TLM) drivers for SoftPLC to now also support Modbus ASCII, as well as Modbus RTU.

Details can be found in the user manuals at the links above, or by contacting SoftPLC.

Web Studio Ver 8 Now Available

Feb. 11, 2016

SoftPLC Web Studio SCADA/HMI software version 8 is now available and downloadable from  Existing customers should contact sales for license upgrade procedures/cost prior to downloading/installing the updated software, you will need to provide your registration number(s).

Features of Web Studio version 8 include (among other enhancements/bug fixes):

  • Support for Windows10, as well as current releases of Windows Embedded, Windows Embedded Compact, and Windows Server
  • Embedded HTML5 Thin Client for multiple operating systems - including a Linux client that runs in SoftPLC (see IoTPAC)
  • Mobile Thin Client support for scripting, screen groups (header, footer, menu, etc.), popup/dialog screen styles, & more 
  • Support for any Web (HTTP) Server using CGI interfaces 
  • OPC Server Hot Standby support 
  • Cascading, high­ reliability DA/XML/UA/OPC redundancy including dynamic control/monitoring per connection 
  • 1000+ Free Linked Symbols 
  • Support for revision control & team based application development 
  • Native interface to save/ retrieve data to/from Wonderware Historian, Schneider Unity Modbus & others 
  • Built-­in script functions to access information about online alarms during runtime

NEW! IoTPAC=SoftPLC + Web Studio

Nov. 30, 2015

Equip any SoftPLC CPU with a Web Studio Linux IoTView runtime and create an IoTPAC - a full-featured combination Programmable Automation Controller and SCADA platform.  The new IoTView runs embedded in SoftPLC, communicating to the SoftPLC's data table via a RAM based driver.  Add web browser based operator interface, sophisticated alarming, trending, and remote database access to any SoftPLC - including Micro's!

Many applications don't require a touchscreen to be present and can benefit in using a Smart Phone/Tablet based web browser as the user interface device - save cost, space and maintenance of a fragile touchscreen in harsh environments.

Learn more at